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Call Us for a Rescue Run

Roadside assistance is available to help drivers through a number of undesirable situations and occurrences. San Diego area car owners never have to feel abandoned or helpless with our roadside assistance plan in action. Getting the car back on the road is just a matter of how quickly the person can dial the number for help. One of our professionals will be delighted to come out to the vehicle and assist with situations such as:


Everyone needs a little juice from time to time. Towing Montezuma customers can count on our service persons to show up with the heavy artillery. We use powerful state-of-the-art battery boosting systems that simply won’t allow another vehicle to weaken them. The boost will be done in a few minutes, and the customer can drive away happy.

Tire Changes

More than 23,000 blowout related crashes occur each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. That means it could happen to anyone. Fortunately, we have people in our firm that can come to the rescue of any driver who calls on us for help. Our service people can change tires, install donuts and provide a little bit of encouragement and reassurance.

JFuel Fill-Ups

Being stuck on the road because of a lack of gas is an embarrassing situation no matter what the reason is. The “fuel stretcher” person is in the same position as the one who forgot to fill up and the one who drove a vehicle with a broken fuel gauge. We can come and deliver enough gas to get someone to the gas station. We find the customer and empty the contents of our portable gas containers into their tanks. Most fuel refills go smoothly.


Lockouts always occur when drivers try to do too many things at one time. They also occur when drivers rush to perform their tasks. Lockout service can help a vehicle owner with an embarrassing lockout situation. We will come equipped with special tools so that we can provide the driver with access to the vehicle. Our specialist will work with caution and precision to ensure that no harm comes to the vehicle during the entry process.

You Name It

We can provide a number of additional services for drivers in the San Diego area. There is nothing that our experts will not try if the customer asks. Our goal is to get their vehicles back on the road in as little time as possible. We try to maintain our reputation for being one of the fastest roadside assistance services in the area. Therefore, our mechanics hustle from the beginning of the service to the end. Even the people who answer the phones do so quickly.

Road Assistance

customers can initiate a service order by calling the dedicated number. Someone will ask for some details such as the whereabouts of the car and driver, and the exact problem that is causing the commotion. We will work our way to the site as quickly as possible.

When you need affordable towing service that you can count on, call us at (619) 413-4355
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